So Vibey Period Kit

This very limited-edition Period Kit is all about period positivity. Get the confidence, comfort, and protection you need to radiate good vibes all period long. Featuring Leakproof Underwear in all the fun and vibrant colors from our exclusive So Vibey Collection. Plus, the best-selling Overnight Sleep Short, so you can run wild and sleep leak-free.

Your So Vibey Period Kit includes:

  • 4 Leakproof Underwear 
For medium to lighter days and as backup protection - absorb up to 3 tsp of blood
  • 1 Wild Child Sleepover Short
    Comfy and protective pajama shorts - absorb up to 4 tsp of blood
  • 1 Reusable Pouch (style may vary)
    To hold all your period necessities  

Want to give (or get) incredibly comfortable and machine-washable undies? Just choose the underwear size (XS-XXL) and style (Bikini or Boyshort) and go with the flow!


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