What We’re Doing For the Planet

At Kt, we care about the planet—a lot. 

After all, we’re a reusable period care company. Reducing waste, chemicals, and plastic is practically in our blood!

But when it comes to sustainability, we believe there’s no such thing as a finish line. We know there’s always more we could be doing, which is why we’re constantly rethinking the way we do things around here, from how we make our products to how we ship them to you.

Even though the work never ends, we wanted to share with you the steps we’re taking (and continue to take) towards a more sustainable future. 

Our Initiatives


More Planet-Friendly Packaging

As of January 2022, all of our individual products (undies, pads, swimwear, etc.) will come wrapped in 100% compostable materials as opposed to non-recyclable polyester. We also transitioned our bubble mailers from regular plastic to plastic made with BDP, which means it will naturally decompose in landfill, ocean and soil.

Carbon Offset Program

Since January 2020, we’ve been using Shopify’s Offset app to help us track all carbon emissions produced when shipping orders. Our offsetting contributions go towards the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest, which “reduces potential greenhouse gas emissions by protecting a large swath of forest (almost twice the size of Luxembourg) that otherwise would have been destroyed.”

In 2021, we offset 66.4 metric tons of CO2 (the equivalent of flying around the earth 5 times), which means we’ve protected about 82,944 tree seedlings!


Greener Office

We changed up the way we did things in our Toronto headquarters. These changes include:

– Organizing composting/recycling workshops
– Starting a composting program at the office
– Hosting bi-annual clothing swaps
– Requiring reusable cutlery and BYO water bottles during our photoshoot
– Running a bra drive out of our head office and Toronto/Vancouver stores with donations going to community shelters

This is just a start. We know there’s much, much more we could be doing, so we’ll continue to find ways to improve our processes, hold ourselves accountable, and be transparent with you every step of the way.