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Hey, Teens and Moms of Teens!

Do you love Knixteen as much as we do? Yes? Well, we’d love for you to be a Knixteen Ambassador! You’ll be able to join our growing community of moms and teens and hook your friends and family up with some great deals. 

When you become a Knixteen Ambassador, you’ll get:

  • Front-of-the-line access to product launches with 30% off all your Knixteen purchases (Moms - you’ll also get 30% off of Knix too!)
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  • The chance to win free products
  • Be part of our Period Squad and make new besties
  • If you are a mom, you will be added to our Facebook group and join the community of other moms of teenagers...yes, you can use this as a support group, because being a mom is hard
How does it work?

It’s easy. If you’re an existing customer, apply to be a Knixteen Ambassador with the form below, and we’ll follow up with you over email. Once you’re in, we’ll share your discount codes and unique link to share with your family and friends.

We can’t want for you to be part of our Period Squad.
Xoxo The Knixteen Team